about me!

  1. I am a new student in school.
  2. I tell the class about myself.
  3. I am from Canada.
  4. But now I live in Nevada.
  5. I live with my parents, and brother.
  6. My brother is younger than me.
  7. Music is very important to me.
  8. I like to sing and dance.
  9. I also play the saxophone.
  10. I hope to be a music teacher.

The Kind Dentist

  1. Maria feels pain in her teeth.
  2. She tells her mom.
  3. Her mom takes her to the dentist.
  4. Maria is scared.
  5. She enters the waiting room.
  6. The secretary calls Maria’s name.
  7. Maria goes in.
  8. Maria sits in a big chair.
  9. She waits for the dentist.
  10. The dentist arrives.