Arquivo do Autor: Gilson Costa

Sobre Gilson Costa

Professor de Inglés!

Asking Permission

  1. Can I use your pen, please?
  2. Can I bring it tomorrow?
  3. Is it okay if I sit here?
  4. Can I ask you a favor?
  5. May I use your computer?
  6. May I come in?
  7. Could you take me home?
  8. Do you mind if I call her?
  9. Do you mind if I invite him?
  10. Would you mind if I opened it?

You like that

  1. I like to be alone.
  2. I love cooking.
  3. I enjoy playing football.
  4. I’m crazy about pizza.
  5. I’m fond of rock music.
  6. I like studying English.
  7. I don’t like him.
  8. I can’t stand those people.
  9. I hate this bad smell.
  10. I don’t like washing dishes.