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the little boy

  1. He is sick.
  2. He goes to the doctor.
  3. The doctor gives him medicine.
  4. He is
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about me!

  1. I am a new student in school.
  2. I tell the class about myself.
  3. I am
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The Kind Dentist

  1. Maria feels pain in her teeth.
  2. She tells her mom.
  3. Her mom takes her to
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let’s work

  1. It’s work.
  2. That won’t work!
  3. Don’t work too hard!
  4. He is doing his 
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my school

  1. I arrived at school on time.
  2. They walk to school.
  3. She goes to school
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a Jump Rope

  1. It is break time.
  2. The students go out to play.
  3. They play with a jump
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Hide and Seek

  1. John covers his eyes.
  2. Sandra finds a place to hide.
  3. John counts to ten.
  4. At
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the teacher

  1. The kids are in class.
  2. The teacher is the classroom.
  3. The kids are tired.
  4. They
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Picking Her Up

  1. He is talking to his friends.
  2. His cell phone rings.
  3. He answers it.
  4. It is
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much work

  1. It was time for bed.
  2. Edward was very tired.
  3. He turned off the TV.
  4. He
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  1. Can I eat this?
  2. Can I help you?
  3. Can you find it?
  4. Can you help
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to be

  1. He must be here.
  2. You’ll be OK.
  3. Don’t be angry.
  4. Don’t be afraid.
  5. He must 
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  1. She is a great teacher. 
  2. I’m happy because I’m here.
  3. I’m not sick. John is
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do you…?

1. What do you need?
2. Where do you live?
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Try to Sleep

  1. Norma went to bed early.
  2. It was eleven o’clock.
  3. She turned out the light.
  4. She
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A Busy Boy

  1. The boy is always busy.
  2. He goes to school alone..
  3. He has seven classes.
  4. They
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Going to a Party

  1. Will you go to the party?
  2. I was thinking about it.
  3. I heard it’s going
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  1. What’s up? 
  2. How’s it going? 
  3. How are things? 
  4. How have you been?
  5. What’s going on?
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where are you?

  1. Where is the station?
  2. Where is Tony?
  3. Where are they?
  4. Where is she?
  5. Where did
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that’s it!

  1. Is that right?
  2. What’s that?
  3. Is that true?
  4. That is mine.
  5. That‘s great!
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let’s practice!

  1. Where are you from?
  2. I’m from Brazil.
  3. I can’t understand you.
  4. I’m in the USA.
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In Love

  1. Donna loved her husband.
  2. Her husband loved Donna.
  3. They were in love with each other.
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  1. I won’t call her anymore.
  2. I’m not at home.
  3. He isn’t a good doctor.
  4. They
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  1. I’m very happy.
  2. I’m good.
  3. It’s wonderful.
  4. I’m not feeling well.
  5. I’m not sad today.
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what time is it?

  1. It’s ten o’clock
  2. It’s ten – five.
  3. It’s ten – ten.
  4. It’s ten – fifteen.
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  1. To do, did.
  2. To drink, drank.
  3. To eat, ate.
  4. To go, went.
  5. To have, had.
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Playing a Doctor

  1. She likes to pretend.
  2. She is a doctor for fun.
  3. She wears a white coat.
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The Moon

  1. He looked at the rising moon.
  2. It was rising above the houses.
  3. It was big
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Go to Work

  1. Patricia didn’t have much time.
  2. It was time to go to work.
  3. She did not
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Future Goals

  1. She thinks about the future.
  2. She wants to be a doctor.
  3. Doctors have cool uniforms.
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