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More Money

  1. She gets an allowance from her parents.
  2. They give her $10 a week.
  3. She wants
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  1. (a pair of) Glasses
  2. (a pair of) Sunglasses
  3. (a pair of)
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English Classroom

  1. Can you help me, please?
  2. Can I go out?
  3. Can I answer the question?
  4. Can
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Helen is Busy

  1. Helen wants to do well on the math test.
  2. She takes out her book and
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A Day for Ice Cream

  1. It is a sunny day.
  2. She feels hot.
  3. She fans herself with a book.
  4. It
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  1. I wish you luck!
  2. Best wishes.
  3. I hope things will turn out fine..
  4. You’ll do
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  1. Do you have a smaller size?
  2. Where is the changing room?
  3. Do you know where
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Trying on Shoes

  1. He goes to a shoe store.
  2. He sees a pair he likes.
  3. It is black
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The Babysitter

  1. Patricia loves her babysitter.
  2. Patricia takes care of her.
  3. She changes her diaper.
  4. She feeds
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Mom is Mad

  1. Robert’s room is messy.
  2. There is pizza under his bed.
  3. There is glue on the
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Aunt and Uncle

  1. Gilson visits his aunt and uncle.
  2. They are very different from each other.
  3. His aunt
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A Busy Boy

  1. The boy is always busy.
  2. He goes to school for eight hours.
  3. He has seven
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your health

  1. Por favor, deite aqui! Please lie down here!
  2. Respire fundo. Breathe deeply.
  3. Inspire e expire. 
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good health!

Magazine and television often show products and diets that promise us good health. But you … Leia mais...

let’s practice

  1. I want to be with you today. 
  2. I am too happy to be here.
  3. They
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A Simple Gift

  1. He wants to give a gift for his sister.
  2. He has no money though.
  3. He
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More Money

  1. She gets an allowance from her parents.
  2. They give her $10 a week.
  3. She wants
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A New Home!

  1. Bob moves to a new city.
  2. There are many buildings around.
  3. There are a lot
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his dogs!

Gilson has three dogs. The first one is black. The second one is brown. The … Leia mais...

can / can’t

  • Can I help you? = posso te ajudar?
  • Can she hear us? = ela consegue
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i am

  • I’m fat = estou gordo
  • I’m thin = estou magro
  • I’m happy = estou feliz
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hey folks!

  1. I will go with you. Eu vou com você.
  2. I will help you. Eu vou
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say hello!

  1. How are you doing today?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Long time no see.
  4. That’s great!
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  • Are you awake?
  • (Você está acordado?)
  • Are you better today?
  • (Você está melhor hoje?)
  • I’m
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basic English

  1. How are you? Como vai você?
  2. My name is… Meu nome é…
  3. See you soon.
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  1. Cartão de Embarque: Boarding Pass
  2. Bagagem: Baggage
  3. Vôo direto: Direct Flight
  4. Vôo Confirmado: Confirmed Flight
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good trip!

  1. Vôo: Flight
  2. Avião: Airplane
  3. Viagem: Trip ou Vacation
  4. Passageiro: Passanger
  5. Passaporte: Passport
  6. Número do voo: 
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  • How are you?
    Como vai? Como está você?
  • How’s it going?
    Como vão
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  1. Shut your face!
    cale-se, cala boca!
  2. Shut it!
  3. Zip it!
  4. Just stop!
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a good tip.

  • (a pair of) Glasses
  • (a pair of) Sunglasses
  • (a pair of)
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