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Good Manners

  1. Michelle eats with her family.
  2. She wants to eat bread.
  3. She asks her mom,
  4. “Will
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Helen is Busy

  1. Helen wants to do well on her test.
  2. She takes out her book and studies.
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Sometimes You Lose

  1. Sarah’s basketball team lost today.
  2. She is upset. She walks home sadly.
  3. She sits down
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two different books

  1. He reads a book.
  2. The main character is a wolf.
  3. It tries to find its
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Trying on Shoes

  1. He goes to a shoe store.
  2. He sees a pair he likes.
  3. It is black
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Different Flavors

  1. I like cupcakes and lollipops.
  2. Both of them are sweet.
  3. My mom likes hamburgers and
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English Classroom

  1. Can you help me, please?
  2. Can I go out?
  3. Can I answer the question?
  4. Can
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Staying at a Hotel

  1. Do you have a reservation?
  2. Do you need help with your bags?
  3. Is there anything
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The Oldest Brother

  1. Brian is the oldest brother.
  2. He has two younger brothers.
  3. Brian helps his parents around
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Picking Her Up

  1. He is talking to his friends.
  2. His cell phone rings.
  3. He answers it. It is
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A Good Shower

  1. She goes to the market.
  2. She buys ingredients for lunch and dinner.
  3. She goes to
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too sick

  1. She is too sick.
  2. She has the cold.
  3. She can’t stop sneezing.
  4. She keeps a
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An Unhealthy Boy

  1. He is fat.
  2. He only eats red meat, chips, and candy.
  3. His parents worry about
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a long wait

  1. The roller coaster ride is fun and fast.
  2. The line is so long.
  3. John and
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Loving Dance

  1. She loves to dance.
  2. She dances on her school’s team.
  3. She dances after school.
  4. She
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  • Do you work? = você trabalha?
  • Do I know you? = eu te conheço?
  • Does
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i am here

  1. I’m tired = estou cansado
  2. I’m in love = estou apaixonado
  3. I’m hungry = estou
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Too Sick

  1. She is too sick.
  2. She has the cold.
  3. She can’t stop sneezing.
  4. She keeps a
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A Busy Boy

  1. The boy is always busy.
  2. He goes to school for eight hours.
  3. He has seven
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More Money

  1. She gets an allowance from her parents.
  2. They give her $10 a week.
  3. She wants
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New and Old

  1. Tomorrow is the first day of school.
  2. Barbara looks at her backpack.
  3. It has holes.
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english tips

  1. Buck – Grana, dinheiro.
  2. I’m beat – Estou acabado, cansado.
  3. Awesome! – Irado, maneiro!
  4. That’s
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today tips

  1. That pisses me off – isso me deixa puto.
  2. What a creep – sacanagem, mancada.
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good tips

  1. My bad! – foi mal!
  2. You bet – pode apostar.
  3. What a shame – que
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slangs tips

  1. Spill it! – desembucha!
  2. Let’s wrap up! – acabar, terminar!
  3. I’m hyped – empolgado, eu
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  1. What’s the news?
  2. How’s it going?
  3. How’s everything?
  4. How’s life?
  5. What’sgoing on?
  6. What’s happening?
  7. How
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  1. I am teacher. I am not doctor.
    Eu sou professor. Eu não sou médico.
  2. I’m
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at the hotel

  1. O café da manhã está incluso?
  2. Breakfast is included?
  3. Vou embora amanhã.
  4. I’m leaving tomorrow.
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a new home

  1. He moves to a new city.
  2. There are many buildings.
  3. There are a lot of
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the First Day

  1. It is the first day of high school.
  2. She is completely lost.
  3. She has never
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