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gírias em inglês

  1. My bad – foi mal
  2. You bet – pode apostar
  3. What a shame – que
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  1. Wife: esposa
  2. Husband: esposo
  3. Parents: pais
  4. Father: pai
  5. Mother: mãe
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practice your English

  1. I want to be with you. 
  2. I am happy today. 
  3. He is my brother. 
  4. They
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  1.  I made a mistake.
  2. I made this cake.
  3. I need to study more.
  4. I need
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A New Student

  1. I have never seen you before.
  2. I am a new student.
  3. Where are you from?
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The Police

  1. He walks into his house.
  2. The door is already open.
  3. The windows are broken.
  4. Clothes
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Friday Night

  1. David and friends want something to do.
  2. David wants to eat at a restaurant.
  3. Jennifer
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this / that / these

  1. This is my book.
  2. This is not your book.
  3. Is this his book?
  4. What is
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  1. Do you know where I could try?
  2. Do you have this item in stock?
  3. Do
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Loving Dance

  1. She loves to dance.
  2. She dances on her school’s team.
  3. She dances after school.
  4. She
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Lost and Found

  1. Steven walks around his town.
  2. He trips over something.
  3. He looks down. It is a
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A New Shirt

  1. She goes to the mall.
  2. There are many stores at the mall.
  3. She sees a
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  1. The book is in the library.
  2. Jodi goes to the library.
  3. She wants to borrow
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Her Brother

  1. Karen lives in California.
  2. Her brother lives in Ohio.
  3. They miss each other.
  4. They only
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the Teacher

  1. Ms. Smith is a great teacher.
  2. She makes math look easy.
  3. She also teaches her
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the flu

  1. He’s sick. He goes to the doctor.
  2. The doctor gives him some medicine.
  3. He’s still
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a good Ice Cream

  1. It’s a sunny day. She feels hot.
  2. She fans herself with a book.
  3. It’s still
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  1. I want to be with you. 
  2. I am happy today. 
  3. He is my brother. 
  4. They
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A Surprise Party

  1. It’s Gilson’s birthday.
  2. He gets out of bed.
  3. Nobody says anything to him.
  4. His mom
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Hide and Seek

  1. John covers his eyes.
  2. Sandra finds a place to hide.
  3. John counts to ten. At
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  1. I am practicing drawing.
  2. I practice drawing every .
  3. My teacher shows me new things.
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More Money

  1. She gets allowance from her parents.
  2. They give her $10 a week.
  3. She wants more.
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say hello

  1. I am a new student in school.
  2. I tell the class about myself.
  3. I am
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  1. Lisa and her mom go to school.
  2. They meet with Lisa’s teacher.
  3. The teacher smiles.
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Good Manners

  1. Michelle eats with her family.
  2. She wants to eat bread.
  3. She asks her mom,
  4. “Will
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Helen is Busy

  1. Helen wants to do well on her test.
  2. She takes out her book and studies.
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Sometimes You Lose

  1. Sarah’s basketball team lost today.
  2. She is upset. She walks home sadly.
  3. She sits down
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two different books

  1. He reads a book.
  2. The main character is a wolf.
  3. It tries to find its
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Trying on Shoes

  1. He goes to a shoe store.
  2. He sees a pair he likes.
  3. It is black
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Different Flavors

  1. I like cupcakes and lollipops.
  2. Both of them are sweet.
  3. My mom likes hamburgers and
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