He Takes a Test

  1. He sits down in his seat.
  2. He gets a copy of the test.
  3. He reads a question.
  4. He writes his answer.
  5. There are 20 questions.
  6. He checks his answers again.
  7. The bell rings.
  8. The class is over. He gets up.
  9. He hands his test to the teacher.
  10. He is going to celebrate.

just say hello

  1. How is it going? 
  2. Long time no see!  
  3. What have you done? 
  4. What’s up? 
  5. Are you with me? 
  6. You can’t complain!
  7. That’s a good one!
  8. It’s very kind of you! 
  9. Thank you anyway.
  10. That’s pretty good!!