The Baby Sister

  1. Betty loves her baby sister.
  2. Betty takes care of her.
  3. She changes her diaper.
  4. She teaches her how to walk.
  5. She teaches her new words.
  6. It is not easy to take care of babies.
  7. Betty’s baby sister cries sometimes.
  8. Betty plays with her.
  9. She covers her eyes and opens them.
  10. The baby laughs.

Pay Attention

  1. Look at that guy, Donald.
  2. What guy, Dorothy?
  3. The one with his head down.
  4. He is looking at his cell phone.
  5. I know, you’re right.
  6. But he didn’t see that car.
  7. What car?
  8. A car almost hit him.
  9. We should always pay attention.
  10. That’s all right!