A Simple Gift

  1. He wants to give a gift for his sister.
  2. He has no money though.
  3. He gets creative.
  4. He goes to his backyard.
  5. He looks at his rose bush.
  6. He cuts a nice, red one.
  7. He puts it in a vase.
  8. He pours some water in the vase.
  9. His gift is complete now.

More Money

  1. She gets an allowance from her parents.
  2. They give her $10 a week.
  3. She wants more.
  4. She asks her parents nicely.
  5. They say no.
  6. She tries to change their minds.
  7. She washes their cars.
  8. She makes them dinner.
  9. Her parents decide to give her a raise.
  10. She will get $15 a week.