Picking Her Up

  1. He is talking to his friends.
  2. His cell phone rings.
  3. He answers it.
  4. It is his sister.
  5. She asks if he could pick her up at school.
  6. He tells her to wait.
  7. He gets off the couch.
  8. He tells his friends to leave.
  9. He drives his car.
  10. He parks on the street.
  11. His sister gets in the car.

The Oldest Brother

  1. Brian is the oldest brother.
  2. He has two younger brothers.
  3. Brian helps his parents at home.
  4. He washes the dishes.
  5. He mops the floor.
  6. He picks up his brothers from school.
  7. Brian also teaches them to do the right thing.
  8. He tells them to be honest, kind, and friendly.
  9. Brian loves his family.