simple future

1. I will stay here today.
2. I’m going to help you.
3. We will love it.
4. We’re going to buy the book.
5. The boy will visit his mother.
6. She is going to tell the truth.
7. You will be on Facebook.
8. You’re going to like it.
9. I will always believe it.
10. Is she going to stop?


  1. I’m feeling sick today.
  2. I’m running a little late.
  3. What would you like for dinner?
  4. I’m going to take a shower.
  5. I have to wake up at 8.
  6. I’m too tired this week.
  7. I’m going to bed.
  8. What’s for lunch today?
  9. I didn’t sleep very well.
  10. I need to go home.